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"The Bad Guys" Who Aren't So Bad

Sam Rockwell, Anthony Ramos, Awkwafina, Marc Maron, and Craig Robinson. These are the "Bad Guys" behind what is now my favorite animated film ever! I know it was just released but I'm already in love with "The Bad Guys!" I dare say it's an Oscar-worthy film. 

I do admit that I'm a bit biased because I personally met this awesome cast. My friend worked on the film and he had me visit the set one time. I saw firsthand, how hard they worked in voicing those characters. Who knew voice acting was this rigorous. I was so ignorant before but now, I have a newfound respect for voice actors and celebs who get cast in animated movies. I'll also never watch anime the same way again! 

Anyway, back to that day. Or rather, week, it was then that I also realized how great these actors were. Most of them, like Craig Robinson, Marc Maron, and Awkwafina, were more known as comedic actors. And yeah, they really outdid themselves in the movie too. Admittedly, I used to look down on comedic actors too. Or at least, I didn't see them on the same level as dramatic performers who'd win at the Academy Awards. But after that week, these people became my new favorites as well! 

Of course, it helped that they gave me their autographs. My friend got me a couple of the movie posters and told me that I can get the cast to sign them. So after their recording sessions, I approached each one and asked for their autographs. Now, guess who signed my posters without any hesitation. That's right! The comedic actors. Awkwafina, Craig Robinson, et al didn't even think twice about giving me their autographs. They just signed away as if it was automatic. They were pretty nice about it too! 

But this isn't to say that the others gave me attitude. Far from it! When I asked them, they said yes but told me to wait a while. They wanted to rest first before giving any fan service. And you know what? I wasn't mad about that! Heck, if I were in their shoes, I would've probably said the same. At least they were honest, right? They didn't put on faces in front of me and I appreciated that. 

In the end, they still gave me their autographs! So now, I find it ironic that the title of their movie is "The Bad Guys" when these people are some of the nicest I've met in a long time! LOL!  

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