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Surviving 'The Bride' and Getting Her Autograph

I must confess, I ain't no feminist but Uma Thurman's 'The Bride' in Kill Bill is one of the most badass batshit crazy killers in cinema history. The way she handles her sword and decapitates her foes. I often feel as if she were slashing me! Now, I'm a gangster fan. When I hound autographs, I usually only follow the likes of Pacino, De Niro, Penn, even on some occasions, Damon, DiCaprio, and Pitt! 

But Uma Thurman is another story. She is up there with these legends, one of very few actresses in my book. So I knew I had to get her autograph on my "Kill Bill" posters. But where do I go to meet her? Seeing as though I'm a Brit, I would have thought London was going to be the place. Eventually, it became the Cannes Film Festival.

Yep, that snooty French region of yachts and cocaine was where I finally got to see 'The Bride' up close. Initially, I was only there for a wedding with equally snooty friends of mine. But seeing as though their nuptials coincided with the event, and I know for a fact that Thurman frequents this festival, I just had to take the chance. I was even ridiculed for bringing the posters along on this "dream wedding vacation." Well, the Mediterranean sea might be their definition of a dream vacation, mine was meeting celebrities. 

After years of waiting and planning, I finally saw her. 'The Bride' herself, looking every bit the dominatrix in her sexy red carpet dress. When she came to me, she looked as intimidating as I saw her in that blood-drenched black and yellow outfit. And when I gave her the pen to sign on my posters, the punk in me retreated think she was going to stab me with it. That's how scared I felt seeing her. And that's how I knew she was the perfect actress for the role.  

Thankfully, I managed not to embarrass myself and drool over Uma Thurman. I survived 'The Bride,' which, not a lot of people can't say for themselves. Am I right Lucy Liu and Vivica A. Fox?


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