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Superman Returns and Gives Me His Autographs

The only Superman actors I knew were Christopher Reed and Dean Cain. And since Reeve was already dead and I'm not a huge fan of Cain, I was sort of bummed out that I couldn't get Superman's autograph. That is, until "Superman Returns" premiered, and finally, there was a new 'Man of Steel' in town. 

I gotta say, though, this film is highly underrated. Maybe even misinterpreted! Sure, it's a little somber and it's not as glossy as the superhero movies we see today. But I did appreciate the serious tone they were going for. And fine, at this point, apart from Reeve, no one can beat Cavill as Superman, but Brandon Routh deserves a bit of credit for his work. He also did well in reimagining the 'Man of Steel' on the big screen. 

Perhaps, if people saw him in person, they'd realize just how fitting he was for the role. Having met him during the premiere of the movie, his looks are better in real life. His features appear more chiseled, his body looks better built; it's as if the camera did not do him justice in the movie. 

The same goes for Kate Bosworth, who I prefer more like Lois Lane than Amy Adams. And Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor? If he wasn't disgraced by the #MeToo movement, he could ahve reprised his role in the DCEU and still would ahve killed it! But, he's now an irrelevant shitbag, which he should be! 

Still, notwithstanding the predator in the cast, I do think fans should still try to appreciate "Superman Returns". I've always credited it as one of the many films that paved the way for the comic book superhero movie phenomenon that we're in right now. 


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