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Seeing "True Detectives" On The Oscars Red Carpet

Going to the Oscars was always one of the best parts about living in LA. And definitely the most rewarding for a bonafide autograph hound such as myself. It's not every day that such high-caliber stars congregate in one place. Especially those starring in my favorite TV show of all time, "True Detective." 


For those who don't know, "True Detective" is a masterpiece of an anthology crime drama TV series that stars a slew of award-winning actors. Yes, the kind that gets nominated and attends the Oscars. Personally, my absolute favorite was the first season which starred the legendary Matthew McConaughey and the great Woody Harrelson. Their season aired back in 2014 but it wasn't until four years later, in 2018, where I got to meet them in-person at the Oscars. It was also the first time since their season aired that the two Hollywood heavyweights would reunite on the small screen! 


Both actors weren't nominated that night but they did present some awards. I knew beforehand that they'd be going so you bet your ass I prepared like heck! I got myself some copies of the series' first season poster and planned to have the two sign them. I wasn't sure if I'd ever meet them that night since, as any autograph hound would know, getting celebrities' autographs during any awards show is finding a needle in a haystack. It's that challenging! But I wasn't gonna let this rare opportunity pass me by! 


As if God was sending me a good sign, one of the very few celebrities who approached my part of the audience was, in fact, Matthew McConaughey. He really is as cool and handsome in person! I'm no lady, heck, I'm as straight as a shooting arrow! But even I have to admit that Mr. McConaughey is one good-lookin' mofo! Had he said his classic "Alright, alright, alright," to me, I would have had an erection! And yes, I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to admit that! Anyways, apart from his looks and swag, he really is a nice person. He signed all of my posters even though I knew it was a hassle. A good guy indeed! 


Woody Harrelson, on the other hand, was just kooky in the best kind of way. He's a laid-back guy, yes, but he was so spacey, I almost thought he was high or something! Though, watching the Oscars after the red carpet, I saw that he was actually alright in the head. I don't know, there was just something kinda weird about him when I met him in person. Though I'm not complaining! He did sign all of my posters too! He's as good a guy as McConaughey! And likely more fun too! 


I sure do hope these guys reunite on-screen too! When that happens, I'll be ready with a new set of movie posters for them to sign wherever they'd appear! You can bet on that! 

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