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Going All Over Hollywood For "Van Helsing"

I know "Van Helsing" premiered more than a decade ago—it's not even the most memorable film for the actors in it!—but I couldn't help it! When my friend randomly gave me some copies of the movie poster, I just had to have the cast sign them! No matter what it took! 


Don't worry! This autograph-hounding story of mine happened way before the pandemic happened. You know, that time when we were still able to go outside without the risk of dying! MY first target was, of course, Van Helsing himself, Hugh Jackman. Luckily, Jackman is an A-list star who regularly attends all sorts of Hollywood events so it was easy to get to him. It was during a red carpet event he attended that I was finally able to get his autograph. Just like how he looked as Van Helsing and as Wolverine in his iconic X-Men movies, Jackman was jacked (pun intended), imposing, and slightly intimidating. But he was a good guy through and through! 


Similarly intimidating was Kate Beckinsale, although it was a totally different way! The beautiful British actress has been a mainstay in late-night talk shows so she was also easy to get to. When she guested at a famous talk show along Hollywood boulevard, I went for it. At first, she was difficult to approach. I wasn't the only fan at the stage door of the TV studio waiting for her, after all. Still, after what seemed like an hour of pushing, shoving, and screaming, I finally reached the English rose. And damn, she was smoking! The most beautiful actress I've ever seen in person bar none! She was also generous with her autographs too! 


Unfortunately, those two were the only cast members who were easy to get to. The others were more than difficult as they weren't that big or as active in red carpet events in Hollywood. Nevertheless, I persisted. A talked to managers, messaged agents and assistants on social media, and almost went as far as stalking them at their homes. Through all my efforts, I was only able to reach two other cast members: Richard Roxburgh, and David Wenham. Though I didn't meet them in person. I simply sent my posters to their "people" and they returned them to me with their autographs. 


I hope more people knew of the masterpiece that is the 2004 movie, "Van Helsing." Do yourselves a favor and watch it, even now since you probably don't have anything to do at home during the pandemic! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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