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Seeing Lady Gaga Shine At The Oscars

Having been a monster for many years now, I've personally witnessed the times Lady Gaga was at her best. She was also her happiest during those moments. Looking at her, even from afar, she glowed. It was as if she had just fallen in love all over again, or won a Grammy. 

One of those times was when she performed at the Oscars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences invited Mother Monster to sing a medley of songs from the classic film "Sound of Music." And honey, she was fantastic. Many people thought Miss Stefani Germanotta was just another pop star with a whole lot of gimmicks. And true, she did all those artist brouhahas to capture her fans' imagination. But deep down, she's also a trained singer whose abilities transcend her theatrical reputation. And personally, I was just so glad she was able to show off her real vocal chops, at the Oscars, no less! 

I would think that the icing of the cake that was her incredible performance was that even Dame Julie Andrews, who starred in the film and sang all of the songs in her medley, approved with applause. In fact, the entire Digital Dolby theatre stood up and applauded her. Watching it from outside, I honestly teared up a little. Finally, Lady Gaga was shown the respect she has deserved since she debuted on the music scene. 

After the long hours of the ceremony, it was finally time for the stars to exit the theatre. During the pre-ceremony red carpet, I and my group of gays—wild fans of Mother Monster—weren't able to get near her. The photographers were in our way, and girl, they were aggressive. Some of them even turned me on, to be honest! Anyways! so here was our final chance to get her to sign the posters we brought in allegiance to her. 

Fortunately for us, she was easy to spot. No other star in Hollywood has her luxurious platinum mane. We screamed at her from afar, even though some people were already leading her to the car. But did we back down? No ma'am! We shouted even louder, many of us out of desperation just to meet her. And being the mother that she is, she told ehr security that she will, in fact, approach us. And she did! 

We were all so shocked. I mean, I know it's weird considering we were acting like fools just a few seconds ago to get her attention. And like, duh! That's what we wanted: for her to come to us. But actually seeing Lady Gaga walk towards us and stand right in front of us, in the flesh, was palpitating, to say the least. With all of us speechless, my friend Liam finally spoke up and told ehr that we were all monsters, we loved her performance, and that we would like to get her autographs. And without hesitation, she did it!

She hugged each and every one of us and signed our posters. She even kept saying that she loved us and that she appreciated that we watched her perform and waited all this time just to meet her. And, in our minds, we were all like, "Yass queen! Of course we'll wait for you, mother!" 

That night was truly one of the most magical I've ever had. To be able to meet your idol? It was breathtaking, to say the least! And the best part is getting to really know that she loves us just as much as we love her! 


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