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Seeing Hollywood's Best Eyes at The Premiere of "The Lighthouse"

Who would have thought that Hollywood will cast two of the best sets of eyes ever? Now, this may have gotten you thinking: who's got the best eyes in Hollywood? Is it Angelina Jolie with her icy blues? Or Oscar Isaac with his sexy dark brooding pair with a latin flair? Or Lupita Nyong'o's adorable round ones? For me, the eyes that have often been most expressive are the best in this industry. And they include those of the stars of "The Lighthouse," Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. 

There's something about how expressive both actors' eyes are that's just entrancing. Even more so when I saw them up close. I attended the TIFF just so I could meet them and get them to sign my movie posters. Yes, I and my team went all the way to Canada to get their autographs. But the trip was worth it as, 1. Canada is a great country! And 2. Both stars ended up signing our posters. And seeing those eyes in real life can make you feel all sorts of things. 

I admit, even though the movies sucked, I already had a crush on Robert Pattinson from his Twilight days. But now that he's more mature, a more serious actor, and had shed that sparkly vampire shit, he's a lot more attractive to me now. He just seems so cool and nonchalant, yet his eyes express more than what the soul can convey. I swear, I couldn't stop staring at them when he was signing my posters. He may have found me weird, and admittedly I probably was. But when you see his eyes up close, you'll get lost in them. 

My feelings towards Willem Dafoe's eyes, on the other hand, was more of admiration than lust or romance. I've admired him since his Spider-Man days, and to this day, no other actor has so effectively scared me as a comic book villain quite like his Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. Getting his autograph that day, I couldn't help but feel proud that I was able to get this movie legend's autograph on my posters. He's rife for an Oscar anytime now, and if the Academy watches this movie, he'll no doubt get it! 

So that was my journey to the TIFF in Canada for a trip of autograph-hounding. More than the signatures, what made it all worthwhile was seeing Willem Dafoe’s and Robert Pattinson’s eyes in person! 


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