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Meeting The Powerful Women of "Black Window"

The best part of my job is getting to write about and interview strong women. I work for a women's magazine and while I mostly write about entertainment, I still highlight the important stuff in my articles. That's what I did when I wrote about the incredible cast of "Black Widow." 

As one of—if not the most promiment female superhero in the Marvel's Cinematic Universe, I was ecstatic that Disney planned to release a whole series devoted to Black Widow. I wanted to know her store, what made her such a badass, and see her shine, even if it's just on the small screen. I also knew that our magazine would likely want to feature articles about it so I immediately volunteered to interview the cast. It was my most exciting job in recent years. 

Thanks to my magazine's many connections, I was able to visit the set of "Black Widow" and catch a glimpse of the stellar cast in action. Right off the bat, I got so starstruck with Scarlett Johansson. She's already amazing on screen but when you see her in person, even with all harness, wires, and green screen, she still shines unlike any other. It's not just that she's been playing this role more more than a decade now; Johansson really embodies Black Widow in front of the camera! What a woman! 

The other cast members, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, Olga Kurylenko, David Harbour, and Ray Winstone were also outstanding in their own right. When I interviewed them altogether, they seemed like they were having a lot of fun. Pugh was bright and cheery, Weisz was the embodiment of elegance, Kurylenko had massive sex appeal, Harbour was as charming as ever, and Winstone was slightly intimidating, but an all-around nice guy. I wasn't able to talk to the other cast members but I was more than satisfied that I got to interview these stars. 

Not only that, I even got them to sign posters of the series. As part of a giveaway of sorts, I was given a few copies of the "Black Widow" poster. They were nice, sure, but if I learned anything from my memorabilia-collecting father, they're even better if they're autographed. And so, after interviewing the cast, I asked them to sign the posters. I would've wanted to get Julia Louis-Dreyfus's autograph, one of the cast members that I sadly wasn't able to interview, but alas, she was far beyond my reach. 

Either way, getting the other cast members' autographs, especially the main female trio—Johansson, Pugh, and Weisz—was more than I could've asked for. Especially as a feminist writer who wrote about one of Marvel's best female superheroes. 



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