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Meeting "The Nice Guys"

There are times where all a movie really needs are a couple of talented actors that know how to take over the screen. They're "nice guys," in every sense of the word. Nice looks, nice talents, nice everything! Perhaps this is the reason why the 2016 box-office hit, "The Nice Guys" got rave reviews! 


Starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, two of the "nicest" guys in Hollywood, the movie was a neo-noir comedy that ticked all the boxes. It was hilarious, absurd, sexy, and simply entertaining. Well, as a Russell Crowe fan, I already knew it'd be a hit even before I saw it. My favorite actor can do no wrong! It baffles me that he doesn't have more Academy Awards than he has right now. He's had tons of roles that merited them! Nevertheless, I personally think this one deserved a nomination at least. But that's just me1 


Even though I've met Russell Crowe dozens of times, I always squeal inside every time I'm lucky to get to be in his presence. I'm no longer a girl anymore, so I can't shout on the outside. But on the inside? Whenever he signs anything I give him, I sound like a trapped mouse on the kitchen floor crying for help! It was lucky (for me, at least!) that the American premiere of "The Nice Guys" happened in New York, where I live. This was another chance for me to meet him again. 


I was doubly excited because this time, I'll also get to meet Ryan Gosling too! Although Crowe owns my fangirl heart, Gosling is slowly creeping up my list. I never noticed him before even when girls were fawning over him during his "The Notebook" days. But when I saw his sexy abs in "Crazy Stupid Love," I instantly became a fan. And, we all have to admit, the guy's got swag for days! 


Meeting them both in person at the New York premiere of the movie was extraordinary. And it was almost at the same time too! I met Crowe first as he passed by and posed for photographers. He was so sweet, saying that he remembered all the other times he met before. I know he recognized me, sure, but I doubt he remembered all the other specific times I asked for his autograph, lol. Still, what he said tickled my heart. He was also nice enough to sign all of my posters (of the movie) that night too! It was the first time he took that extra effort! 


I then met the rest of the cast and got their autographs too, all while Gosling posed for the cameras and got interviewed by the press. At some point, it almost felt like he was never going to stop for me but then, all of a sudden, I got a whiff of his cologne and when I turned, the guy was standing right in front of me. In his signature, sexy voice, he thanked me for coming and asked me if I wanted his autograph. I was so bewildered by him that I simply nodded and gave him the signed posters. Like Crowe, he signed each one! 


I dare say, "The Nice Guys" has got to be the most handsome cast in a comedy movie I've seen since then! Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling really are the "nicest" guys in Hollywood! 


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