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Meeting Icons for An Animated Film

Despite my years of autograph-hounding, it's still quite rare to meet actual icons of the entertainment industry. Two that I met recently were Matthew Broderick and Kenan Thompson. Ferris Bueler himself and the longest-running SNL cast member of all time. And what struck me the most when I met them was how humble both icons are. 

The two stars share the screen together, relatively speaking, in the animated film "Wonder Park." I attended the red carpet premiere of it with my nieces and nephew, and while they were more excited about the movie, I was more excited about the voices in the movie. I met Matthew Broderick first and boy, was he something else. Still as charming as ever, he seems like just the nicest guy ever. Sweet and accommodating, it's as if he's never been in show business after all these years. The industry clearly didn't destroy him and thank God for that! 

Meeting Kenan Thompson was also a trip. I've been a fan of his since his "Kenan & Kel" and "All That!" days in Nickelodeon. And as they say 'black don't crack!' so he still looked the same after all these years. Still, give me any random SNL video on YouTube and I wouldn't know what year it was. Anyways, Thompson was as funny as ever on the red carpet. He cracked a joke or two when I asked him to sign my posters. I was even worried that the autograph might not look right cause I was shaking with laughter. Fortunately, the end-results were still perfect. 

I recommend people to watch "Wonder Park." It's a really nice movie for the whole family to watch. And there are some icons in the cast as well! 


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