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A Great Stephen King Novel Made Into A Great Movie

You'd think that a movie about creepy ghost pets would seem juvenile, but since this is a Stephen King work, it's just as sinister as other horror movies. Perhaps even more so. The King of horror certainly has a way of scaring the bajeezus out of me, and this move is no exception! 

However, for "Pet Sematary," what makes it so scary are the performances of the actors involved. Namely, the lead Jason Clarke, and the legendary John Lithgow. They packed in as much eerie punch as actors can. And considering the material they had to work with, I'm sure it was easy for them. Luckily, I got their autographs when I went to the red carpet premiere of the movie. Jason Clarke, I only found out right then and there, is actually Australian. Damn! He's a master of the American accent. I've only seen him in films where he played Americans. Honest to goodness truth, I thought he was a Southerner! 

As for John Lithgow, well, the man is a legend! Despite his distinctive voice and features, he can become any person, fiction or non-fiction, on-screen. I still can't get over how great he was in Netflix's "The Crown." And judging by the trailer of "Bombshell," he'll likely steal the scenes as Roger Ailes against the likes of Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Margot Robbie. I'm so ready for that movie. And in this one, "Pet Sematary," he was phenomenal. I was pleasantly surprised how funny a man he is when he signed my posters. What an A++ guy! 

For any of you Stephen King fans out there, watch "Pet Sematary!" The actors, the story and just about everything else makes it worth your while! Believe me! 


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