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Meeting Hollywood’s Best On-Screen Couple Ever!

By "Hollywood's Best On-Screen Couple," I, of course, meant Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. For me, none have ever showcased the same chemistry and passion as these two in "Titanic." Heck, even their film reunion in "Revolutionary Road" was thrilling to watch too. Nonetheless, for me, in terms of on-screen romance, these two did it the best! 

I'll never forget the 1998 Oscars because that's when I first met the actors. I was there with my friend Neil who was also a major fan of the film. He particularly wanted to meet the director James Cameron, while I, on the other hand, focused on the two leads. We eventually saw them on the red carpet and they looked incredible. That was the pinnacle of DiCaprio's matinee idol years so when he first got on the red carpet, a wave of girly shrieks drowned our noises. Suddenly, he was the man of the hour. Kate Winslet got some love from us male fans too, but we were just overpowered by the fangirling for Leo. 

Nonetheless, Neil and I were determined to get them to sign our movie posters. Winslet was a lot easier. We screamed her name and she approached us and gave us her autograph. She was so sweet and serene about it. It was then when I realize that I was in the presence of a future Oscar winner. I hoped she won that night but at least she eventually did years later! 

As for Leo? Well honestly, at some point we thought that was a lost cause. We were just about ready to give up when he suddenly went into our direction. At that moment, we decided to fight. With hour low voices, we shouted his name and eventually got his attention. Not only that, we even made him laugh. He giggled that, amidst the high-pitched screams of girly delight, there were manly hollers too. He made his way to our area and we got him to sign our posters. 

Neil was also impressive. He got his idol, James Cameron, to sign our posters too. The joker yelled. "Yo Cameron!" and got the award-winning director to turn around. Like DiCaprio, he made his way to our area and signed our posters. But when he did that, I couldn't stop laughing! I couldn't believe he did that, and even more so, that it worked! 

"Titanic" will always be one of my favorite films. Not just because it's an amazing movie, but also because of these memories that I hold dear! It was a great time in my life that I'll never forget! 


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