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Meeting Arendelle Royalty on the Red Carpet

It's not every day I get to brag that I met Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. But the fact that I got my daughter to meet the actual voices behind those iconic characters makes me "Dad of the Year" in her book! I took her to the Hollywood premiere of the movie and she was super excited! 

At first, my little princes didn't believe me that she was going to meet Elsa and Anna. She just focused all her excitement on seeing the new movie. Every time I'd teaser her about who we were going to see, she'd get angry and say "Daddy, it's bad to lie!" It was the cutest thing! And kudos to my wife for teaching our daughter the right principles! 

When we finally got to the Dolby Theater, she instantly got excited about all the commotion. just like us, thousands of parents brought their kids along to see the movie for the first time. Some were even dressed as either princess, while I saw an infant dressed as Olaf and couldn't stop laughing! My daughter, meanwhile, opted for her favorite "Frozen" shirt and tutu dress and she was all good. Practical little booger she really is! 

The screams started getting higher-pitched when the stars came rolling in. I and my wife got Jonathan Groff to sign our posters first, but my daughter didn't care. It was only when Josh Gad came to us when she finally realized who exactly we were meeting. The nice guy that is, Gad went up to my daughter and sang a little as Olaf. Let me tell you, when I saw my daughter's face brighten up, it was the best thing ever! 

The same happened with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. Bell, as Anna, even compliment my kid about her outfit, and she blushed so hard. Menzel, on the other hand, kissed her on the cheek. We weren't able to get her to sing, but when we told her that it was Elsa('s voice) who kissed her, she finally believed us! 

To say that was a magical family day of autograph-hounding is an understatement! It was the first time I ever brought my kid to a red carpet event, and I sure as hell enjoyed it as much as she did! 


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