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Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Years of Avengers

We love Marvel Universe! We especially love the new Avengers: Endgame Hand-Signed Poster

Let's go back down memory lane to see how it all started...

It all began in 2008 when a new superhero was born from an unlikely alter ego.

A little like batman, Tony Stark was affluent, famous, clever, and dashing--but beyond that, he has a way of making things grand. Across the screen, you can feel his piercing presence, his spicy words, and his large actions.


And when he turns into Ironman, you will be awed by human ingenuity. It's not magic, it's science.

Much like his actor Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark is being hunted by a less-than-ideal past. He has generated wealth from producing weapons of mass destruction that have reaped thousands of lives.

But after a pivotal moment where a new friend died to rescue him, Stark made a pact to spend his life making the world a better place.

But the most intriguing thing about Ironman was the post-credit scene where Nick Fury was spotted saying "so you think you're the only hero?"

They must be up to something…

And yes they are.

A month later, The Incredible Hulk arrived in theaters.

While Tony Stark's transformation was celebrated as a scientific success, Bruce Banner's turning into a gigantic green monster was unwanted and taken as a tragedy.

Voluntarily isolating himself, he lives a solitary life to keep his loved ones out of danger.

In the end, what made The Hulk truly remarkable was his success in controlling the beast within him so he can protect his loved ones.

And then Thor made a grand entrance. We expect nothing less from the god of thunder. He needs no transformation. He was born powerful, arguably the mightiest of heroes. He can draw strength from within or extract the wrath of nature.


Thor's introduction mirrors many Greek stories about younger gods being exiled by their fathers. But he spiced things up with humor, dim-wittedness, and serious action.

Then, we are taken back in time to witness Steve Rogers step out of the contraption in full glory as Captain America, becoming the first superhuman, and America's ultimate hero-- a timely symbol of hope and inspiration for a country in disarray.

So what do you do when you earn the franchise to the biggest and grandest collection of superheroes?

You create a universe.

And that's what Avengers is all about. Creating scenarios where the most powerful of heroes come together to save the world.


Of course, strong and powerful individuals can hardly be peaceful together. There's so much energy in the room, it can explode anytime. Their personalities are interesting, but far from cordial and safe.

The Avengers' first mighty fight isn't even against any threat to humanity. It's a petty squabble between Thor and Ironman that ran through the Earth and outer space.

As the MCU progresses, we see the first Avengers get into deeper and darker conflicts as threats continue to haunt the Earth and the Universe.

We saw Thor fight to protect not only the Earth but the rest of the nine worlds, all while missing his beloved Jane Foster. In the end, we saw him saving the entire universe but declining to rule it so he could follow his heart. We saw him grow, wanting less power and becoming more selfless.

And just like in the real world, we see the best of our heroes disagree politically to the point of initiating war within themselves. We discover a new side to our heroes as we watch them navigate the ruthless world of politics

And as MCU expands we meet new characters and hear new stories.

Before he was Ant-man, Scott Lang was a thief. He is the ultimate proof of the blankness of humanity. We are all empty canvases painted upon by life's circumstances.

And then we meet an adorable new superhero who's also very relatable because he's a school kid. Left to his will, Peter Parker would rather enjoy home, school, and little vacations with friends, but fate has something else in store for him.

Every beautiful story has an end, even The Avengers. And one character gets to see it ahead of everyone. Dr. Strange is one mysterious persona who meddles with the most dangerous things: space and time.

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Written by Daniel James from PosterMemorabilia.com

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