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Fourth of July: All American Movies to Watch this Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America! Enjoy the fireworks, the BBQ, and all the parties to commemorate that we are free, united, and independent. Of course, the 4th of July celebration will not be complete without binge-watching our favorite American movies. In case you’re still looking for the perfect movie to watch with your friends and family this weekend, don’t worry, we got you. Here’s a list of our own favorites, that I'm sure you'll enjoy watching.


1. Independence Day

Let’s start with the traditional – Independence Day. This 1996 sci-fi action film is a twist on your classic war movie. It’s just perfect for the Fourth of July since the main storyline is about saving the United States - from an alien invasion. Now that’s interesting! This film also has, perhaps the greatest motivational and patriotic speech ever, delivered by the film’s president (Bill Pullman). By the time he’s shouting “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”, I bet you’ll be shouting along with him.


2. Top Gun

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Celebrate our freedom with this Tom Cruise classic. Top Gun takes a look at the danger and excitement that awaits every pilot at the Navy’s prestigious fighter weapons school. Fun fact: the movie was based on a real flight school called U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School or TOPGUN, and the navy actually used the film as a recruiting tool wherein they set up booths outside theaters to recruit moviegoers to join the Navy – and it worked!


3. Jaws

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Can you still remember the opening scene? Jaws has one of the greatest opening scenes in film history! And the storyline happened on – yes, you got it right – July 4th!


4. The Patriot

You get it. The title speaks for itself. The movie was set during the American Revolution. It focuses on a family drawn into the revolutionary war.


5. Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, American Sniper

Now, these 3 movies will bring you in a pro-America mood (if you’re still not). These films are some of the best American war films that will make us appreciate more the people who fought, fights, and will keep fighting for us.


To end this list, I’ll add


6. Captain America: The First Avenger

The title. Marvel. Avengers. Chris Evans. Enough said.


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