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Is There Any Band More Legendary than Guns'N'Roses?

I swear, I think when it comes to rock music, none has been a quintessential a band as Guns'N'Roses. Icons don't even begin to describe them! When I think of a rock band, they always come to mind. They had the look, the vibe, the attitude, and of course, the sound of a true rock band! 

I've been a huge fan of this legendary band since I was in my teens. And now that I'm in my early forties, it's been a long time. But what I discovered is that Gun'N'Roses is a timeless band. To this day, they're still releasing new music. And they keep on hitting it out of the park with every new release. Not only that, they gain new and younger fans every time. I thought their heyday was back in the 80s. Nope, they're glory days might still be ahead of them! 

And so with this in mind, I'm fortunate enough to have gotten their autographs when I had the awesome privilege of meeting them. They had a photo shoot with a famous publication that I used to work for. Thank God I was still working for them when they invited this legendary band to be featured in their issue. I held my breath that day. I simply couldn't believe I was at arm's length with these icons. I had only seen them in person during their concerts, and I was a good many miles away from them too. That day, I was as close as I can be to them. 

I was there to help style them for the shoot. But, as I should have known, I practically did nothing. They insisted on wearing their own clothes and fortunately my bosses agreed. Also lucky for me was that I was still allowed to hang out at the shoot (just in case something went wrong) and watch them pose for the camera. It was funny seeing them smolder and all of that for the photographer, to say the least. Then, after everything was done, I took the risk. 

Inside my bag were a few copies of their logo poster that I wanted them to sign. When enough people, including the egomaniac of a photographer, had already left, I went up to them, took off some of the accessories I put on them and asked for their autographs. And you know that they did? They signed all of my posters! True legends, a lot of them! 

To this day, I still shake a bit remember that moment. That for once in my life, I was up close and personal with rock music legends. And best of all, they gave me their autographs! 


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