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I'll Always Be Friends with Woody And Buzz Lightyear

Two men that have helped me grow up are Tom hanks and Tim Allen. I was ten years olf when I watched the first "Toy Story" film. I was in my teens when the sequel came out. I was already working when I saw "Toy Story 3." And this year, in 2019, I brought my first-born son to the movies for the first time to see "Toy Story 4."

Meeting both these guys was pretty emotional for me. And it's not just because they signed my posters. These were the voices behind the characters that got me through a lot. They cheered me up when I was at my lowest. So to meet them in person was incredible. I went with my family to meet them at the Hollywood premiere of "Toy Story 4." Living and working in Downtown LA, getting to attend these sorts of events on an almost weekly basis is a huge perk. 

When I saw them, I couldn't help but cry inside. Of course, I didn't want my son to see me weep, especially at a generally happy event. Not only will he probably be weirded out by his old man, but he would have been so weirded out that he might grow to dislike "Toy Story." I can't have that! No son of mine isn't going to like Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and all the other toys. But God! Seeing Hanks and Allen face-to-face as astounding. They emanate legend energy! 

Getting their autographs on these posters was one of the proudest moments in this little hobby of mine. I'll never forget, and hopefully, my son will realize just how special the people he met that day really are. 


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