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Great Films For Animal Lovers To Enjoy

Right about now, the top movie in the cinemas is probably Disney's live-action remake of "Lion King." Yes, the 1994 animated classic is getting the CGI treatment, complete with a star-studded cast and a great soundtrack. But what might people get out of watching it is a newfound appreciation for animals.  Climate Change is at the forefront of hot-button issues nowadays, so the release of this film is extremely timely. 

But there are other films that also celebrate animals in all their majesty. If you're an animal lover like I am, here are some flicks you need to watch! 

Jungle Book

Before "Lion King," there was "Jungle Book". Yes, Disney has turned animal-dominated movies into live-action films back in 2016. It even had a star-studded cast too, with the likes of Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, and Lupita Nyong'O lending their voices for the iconic characters. And similarly to the "Lion King" the best part about this movie was how realistic each creature seemed. I was possibly enchanted with how the python slithered, the wolf leaped, and the tiger roared. It made my cinematic experience all the more fulfilling. Furthermore, it made me want to save the animals from human destruction even more! 



"Jaws" might seem like a horror movie at first, but as I grew up, I realized something. Jaws was never the monster, we were! It's people who were the a**holes that went into the shark's home, not the other way around. If those half-naked busybodies just stayed in their lanes on the beach, he wouldn't be seen as such a monster. And in fact, it's highly likely that Jaws was just defending himself from things (people) he wasn't familiar with that have infiltrated his home. It wasn't the shark that caused the terror, the people did. So naturally, they became fish food! 


Jurrasic Park

Dinosaurs are animals many wish still existed after watching Jurrasic Park. You can include me on that list too! Albeit they were f**king terrifying in the film, I also through they looked so cool! Imagine seeing these majestic creatures roam the earth once more! We might even have less toxic power plants if they lived in the modern age. Imagine them stomping and ravaging these greedy a**holes' plans on setting up harmful factories forests and valleys. Ironically, the Earth might be a healthier place to live in if that had happened! Thankfully, the power of the cinema showed us what it could have been like!


A Bug’s Life

What I love about "A Bug's Life" is that it showed that animals had intelligence. Sure, this was a fictional animated film, but the type of intelligence the ants displayed was not that far to real-life. And this is something people need to understand, especially nowadays. Animals are just as intelligent as us humans. It's a different sort of intelligence, but it's intelligence just the same. We need to respect such creatures for such because they deserve to live on this earth just as much as we do. Yes, even the smallest of ants deserve to live on like us! 


Fantastic Beasts

I know the 'Beasts' in this movie are different from the ones in real-life but there's another reason why I think animal lovers will appreciate this film. All in all, it shows that humans and animals (magical or not) can co-exist and form strongly bonded relationships with each other. Animals don't have to (and really shouldn't have to) be just clothes and food for us. They can be our friends, our allies, and our family. Such was the wonderfully intimate relationships Eddie Redmayne's Newt Scamander had with his fantastic beasts! 

If you want to revel in your love for animals, watch these movies! You’ll better understand that this world is big enough for them as it is for us! 

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