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Feeling Half-Blooded Meeting the Half-Blood Prince

This isn't just a pun, with how exhausted I was waiting for the stars to appear on the red carpet for the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Hald-Blood Prince," I felt I was drained half of my blood! Though I think it was my fault. I didn't anticipate it was going to be that long an evening. 

You see, I thought it was going to be just a nice night of meeting celebrities and watching a "Harry Potter" film. Little did I know, the kids around me and my friends were going to wreak havoc. The moment one of the cast appeared on the red carpet, all hell broke loose. There was a lot of screaming, shouting, heaving, and even a little pushing. You'd think we were going shopping during Black Friday or something! 

Everything changed, however, when I finally saw the stars themselves. Not the supporting cast that, somehow, little girls had crushes on. I was more focused on the major stars. Namely, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, and Alan Rickman. These actors, both young and experiences, are some of the best at their craft. And even though I was extremely exhausted, I very damn well made sure that I got their autographs! 

After a few hours of kids screeching beside me and parents shoving their kids to the front, I got what I came there for. I also got the other actors' autographs, but they really didn't matter to me. I was there only for the talented ones, and by golly, I made sure they signed my posters. Even if I had to endure screaming girls for hours! 


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