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Driving Up to Hollywood to See "Cars 2"


I'm so happy that Pixar is so open to sequels. Unlike those of Disney Animated Studios, wherein their classic fairytales literally end with happy endings, Pixar movies offer up new installments that let us see what the characters are like after the first film. One of the best that they did was "Cars 2."

When the film premiered in Hollywood, I drove up to Tinsel Town all the way from my home in Santa Ana. Thank God the traffic wasn't so bad that day. Now, you may wonder why I, an adult male, would go through the trouble of driving up to the busy streets of Hollywood just to see a kid's movie.

Well, for one thing, my own kids would like to watch the film themselves. And as for me, I was more interested in getting the stars' autographs. I mean, this cast has Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, the great Michael Caine, and many more! 

In fact, that's where my kids became handy! Spare me your criticisms about "using my kids" for my own personal gain! When they grow up and realize just who they met, they'll thank me! And besides, I did drive them to see the sequel to one of their favorite movies. Is it really so bad that they helped me get my posters signed? My kids looked so adorable that most of the cast gave us their autographs. Bonnie Hunt was even completely taken by my youngest at the time. 

Driving up to Hollywood isn't always great. But for a family night at the movies with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, it's all worth it! 


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