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A Perfect Encounter with the Barden Bellas

As a relatively young late twenty-something woman, "Pitch Perfect" is my jam! I was still in college when the first movie came out and since then, I've streamed most of their soundtracks and even tried doing acapella myself. Unfortunately, my music career was short-lived, but my love for this movie and its franchise still lives on today. 

I'll never forget the one time I actually met the Barden Bellas. I swear those women are beautiful! Anna Kendrick? Gorgeous! Brittany Snow? Stunning! Rebel Wilson? Amazing! I mean, I don't get how they were ever the "outcasts" in any college movie. They were so beautiful and dazzling in real life that they could have been the "popular" kids and it would have still been believable. And honestly, I believe they actually sang in the movie cause their singing voices totally match their speaking voices in real life. I still wish they could have sun when I met them though, that would have been amazing! 

Oh, this is probably the right time to tell y'all where I met them, right? Lol! I actually met the "Barden Bellas" at the red carpet. It was at the premiere of the sequel, "Pitch Perfect 2," and there, I wanted them to sign my copies of the first movie's poster. You know? The now-iconic one with all of them posing all cool wearing shades and stuff. I got a few copies from my friend who bought some from eBay. 

I did get most of them to sign my posters. The first one was Brittany Snow. I've been a fan of hers since she starred in "The Pacifier" with Vin Deisel and I'm just so thrilled at how far she has come. She was also sweet to just get my posters and start signing them. And she signed each one! Right after her was Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress was just beside Snow when the latter was signing my posters. After she had finished, she gave the pen to Wilson and then she got my posters and started writing her autograph too. It was amazing! 

Anna Kendrick, my favorite in the movie, also signed my posters. She even took some selfied with me, which was so awesome! Elizabeth Banks, Freddie Stroma, and Adam Devine also all signed my posters. I was just so shocked at how generous these people were with their autographs. It was totally amazing! 

That was my first time hounding for autographs and I think I did a very good job. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the third movie's premiere. I'm hoping they'll have a fourth so I can go at it again! It was so much fun! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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