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A Killer Actress Through and Through

Charlize Theron! Just hearing her name would give you the image of a strong, independent woman. Though many would admit that her beauty alone can get her to the top, she deserves mad respect for being one of the most talented and badass actresses in Hollywood today. One of her recent films proves that: "Atomic Blonde." 

In the movie, she plays a top MI6 agent who, just as the title suggests, is rather "atomic" in more ways than one. I doubt any other actress could have done this role justice. She's just the sort of tough-as-nails chick that's perfect for this sort of role. From "Monster" to "Mad Max: Fury Road," no other actress has captivated me with her badassery quite like Theron. And to top it all off, she's also one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's quite the specimen and I confirmed this when I met her when I assisted my boss in interviewing the movie's cast. 

My boss is a famous writer and editor of a well-respected publication and interviewing casts of movies that are about to premiere is part of her job. I'm only her assistant but she has allowed me to accompany her in many of these interviews. Of course, as I'm also a hardcore autograph hound, I never missed the opportunity to get autographs. For the most part, she allows me to do it and fortunately, the celebs often agree. The interview with the cast of "Atomic Blonde" was no exception. 

Although all her other co-stars are absolute legends in their own right—like James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger, and Sofia Boutella—I was only really focused on Charlize. I still asked for their autographs, though, and just like the other celebs I've met, they were nice enough to give them. But when I met Charlize, I honestly almost missed my chance. She was just so glorious, looking like an absolute supermodel, yet when she talked to my boss, she was eloquent, intelligent, and super composed. I couldn't help but get bewildered at the perfection that was right in front of me at the time. 

Luckily, before she left, I came back to my senses and politely rushed to her to ask for her autograph. As I expected, the real-life angel smiled at me and said she'd be happy too. And without so much as twitch, she simply got her pen out of her pocket and signed each poster. "Wow, you got the rest of them too, huh? Nice!" she exclaimed, referring to her castmates' autographs. I only nodded sheepishly as I internally curled up in immense excitement. I was so tempted to shout, "Yeah! But I only really care about yours! I love you! I worship! You are everything!" Of course, I didn't and thank God for that! 

Unsurprisingly, I ended up loving "Atomic Blonde" and added it to my list of favorite Charlize Theron films. But the real reason it's so special to me is that I'll always see her autograph on the movie poster in my room! 

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