How My Dad Gave Me My Love of Music

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Do you know how they say that you get everything from your parents? Well, I got my love for music from my dad. He was this incredible collector of records and he listened to a lot of them when I was growing up. And he had so many, I don't think he could have ever listened to all of them in his lifetime. 

For all the things that he has taught me about music, I'm most grateful for all the artists that he introduced me to. And there's even one that he got his autograph from: Jimi Hendrix. This legendary icon is my absolute favorite. He was simply incredible. There's so much soul and power in his music, that it's almost unbelievable. I remember, every time my dad felt I was feeling down, he'd play one of his records. Even when I was just bored but I looked sad to him. he'll still play it and it'd be amazing! 

One moment I will never forget was when he showed me his collection of signed posters. He showed it to me right before he passed away, after decades of hiding it in the attic. Well, I say he hid, he actually forgot that he had them after all this time, that weirdo! Anyways, the reason why he finally remembers and showed them to me is actually better. Since I was this "young, hip, techie guy" to him, he wanted me to sell them online so we'd be financially secure when he passed on. 

And so now, here they are. We're still financially stable, thanks for asking, but I still decided to fulfill my dad's wishes. Please know that whenever you buy a copy, you're fulfilling his wishes too! 

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