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When You Meet Your Favorite TV Wrestler and Queen At The Same Time 

It's not every day when you get to meet the people who spent most of your life with. What I mean is meeting the stars that have graced your television screens for years. Sure, meeting movie stars is exciting, but meeting the actors who played your favorite characters on the small screen? That's incredibly special. This is exactly how I felt when I met Dwayne Johnson or 'The Rock,' and Lena Headey, or 'Cersei Lannister.' 

Now, you might be thinking, "How on earth can these two totally different people, from totally different TV shows, ever be in one place at the same time?" Well, as a matter of fact, both Johnson and Headey star in the new family dramedy film, "Fighting With My Family." The film tells the story of a young woman who gets into WWE, and how her success affects her wresting family. It makes sense that these strong TV fighters will work together on a project that, surprise surprise, touches on fighting itself. And I was lucky enough to go to its red carpet premiere! 

Though I got most of the cast's autograph, I was more into Dwayne Johnson and Lena Headey. Meeting him for the first time got me a bit emotional, honestly. I watched him battle his WWE rivals every week when I was younger. And his rivalry against Stone Cold Steve Austin is still, at least for me, the best the franchise has ever had. So imagine how starstruck I was when he went up to me and signed my posters. As for Lena Headey, I never thought it possible how you can feel so much contempt and respect for one person at the same time. I hate her guts as Cersei in "GOT," but then that led me to realize just how much I love her as an actress. 

Needless to say, that premiere was one of the best nights of my life. I don't think I'll ever experience that sort of excitement ever again, but, I don't care. Meeting them once, though it might sound sad, is enough! No, getting their autographs on my posters is more than enough! 


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