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What To Remember When Meeting a Celebrity

If you're already enamored by a celebrity on screen, what more when you see them in person? You'd be shocked and speechless, right? You might even end up looking like a big fool! Very often do we "little people" act so calm and composed in the presence of a star. There's just something about them that has us acting all excited and, to a certain extent, stupid. As an autograph hound, I've had my fair share of such moments. I've only gotten used to meeting celebrities now by remembering a few important things. 

Some Would Be Way Different in Person

This doesn't apply to all celebrities but definitely to a good many. How you see an actor on screen doesn't necessarily mean they're like that in person. A good example would be Robert De Niro. In many of his films, he's this tough gangster that can kill you with just one look (and what an iconic look that is!). But in real life? He's way nicer. He's not exactly Fred Rogers, but he's definitely no Vito Corleone either! He's a nice man who, for the most part, doesn't want to be disturbed. He is pretty generous with his autographs though! 

They're Just People Too

Coming off from my first point, celebrities are just people too. It's easy to think of them as better than us since they're far more famous, richer, and arguably more attractive. But at the end of the day, they're just like you and me. We may not share the same problems but we both have to get on with our lives. They have their own sets of frustrations too, just like we do in our everyday lives. Worship them all you want, but just remember that in essence, there's little to no difference between you and them. They're not the gods you think they are! 

They Cost a Lot of Money

And while they're not gods, many of them still cost a lot of money. Celebrities have net worths that are in the millions or billions. One wrong move from a fan and it's over! That's why no matter how excited I get to see a star in person, I have to compose myself. I have to make sure I don't cause them any injury and such, lest I want to be sure for millions of bucks! Imagine if you accidentally broke Mariah Carey's legs because of your overexcitement. They're famously insured for a whopping $35 million dollars! Does anyone other than Mariah Carey herself even have that much money to spare!? 

They Have Tight Schedules

We just have to face the facts that celebrities can only spare a short amount of time interacting with us ordinary folks. They have tight schedules, after all. You never know when they'll need to scurry on down to their latest gig. So when you get the chance to meet them in person, overexcitement can unknowingly waste their time. Don't talk too much or be extra. Just tell them that you're a fan and ask for an autograph or a selfie. The quicker you are, the nicer they'll be to you. And without getting a taste of their diva attitude, you'll leave with a better memory of them! 

Lots of People Love Them Too 

In the same vein as the previous point, let others revel in their presence too. You might be a celebrity's biggest fan but you're not their only fan! Others want to meet them, get their autographs, or take a selfie with these stars too. And if you're not the one paying their bills, you have no right to monopolize a celebrity's time. Always remember this when you're getting too caught up with your excitement over meeting one in person. Knowing that other fans might get annoyed with me if I take up too much of a celebrity's time certainly helped me calm the fudge down! 

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