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  We All Need Some "Bad Moms" Sometimes!

Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn—who would have ever thought that they'd make bad moms? Or rather, if you ask me, they're bada** moms! These ladies let them have it in one of the funniest movies ever, "Bad Moms." And I got their autographs! 

It was during their "pink carpet" premiere for the movie. All 'moms' looked incredible that night which really makes you wonder just how these Hollywood actresses remain looking so good while juggling motherhood. I know Kunis and Bell are already mothers yet they don't look a day over 25! Is there something in the water in LA? Anyhoo, I'm just glad I was able to see these amazing women in real life. Although I know they were just acting, as a mom myself, this movie really resonated with me! I'm ever grateful for the message they sent to all the moms out there! 

Out of the three "main moms," I met Kristen Bell first. She really is a real-life Disney Princess! Looking so dainty and elegant in her yellow dress, I felt like I was talking to Princess Anna. Well, it's also because my daughter is obsessed with the "Frozen" movies and insists on watching them again and again. Nevertheless, even though I was hearing 'Princess Anna,' the glamorous movie star right in front of me was still breathtaking. And so nice too! She had no qualms giving her autographs and signing my and my husband's posters (yes, I asked him to help me hound for autographs, lol!). 


Speaking of my husband, he, on the other hand, couldn't help but gush over meeting Mila Kunis. As his wife, I had the right to feel annoyed but I, too, was so starstruck by the "That 70s Show" and "Black Swan" star that I also blushed when she was right in front of us. Oh, and whoever is spreading gossip in the tabloids about Kunis being a bit** is clearly lying! The woman was so sweet and amiable! It's also no wonder people keep falling in love with her left and right! Like Bell, she didn't hesitate to sign out movie posters too! 

And last among the "bad moms" was Kathryn Hahn! I still don't get how this woman isn't as famous as her co-stars. I mean, I know her from various films but that may be because I'm an obsessed movie geek myself. But for the general public, she's virtually unknown! Or, at least, not as popular as Kunis and Bell. And this is an absolute shame because the woman is a gem! So personable, so funny, and so out there, you can get a good sense of how great she is to work with. Her co-stars were definitely affectionate with her that night! 

Apart from the three "bad moms," we also got the rest of the cast to sign our posters. It was a great night for me as an autograph hound. And, of course, as a mother too! Even if society labels me as a "bad mom," I don't give a fudge! 

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