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Top Five Best Adele Songs So Far

They say that there are no more true divas in this day and age. Adele, however, begs to differ. With her sensuous low timbre and complete control over her vocal prowess, she's undoubtedly one of the finest singers ever. In any generation, she's still reign supreme like the musical queen that she is. It's no wonder she's gotten a lot of hits and awards these past few years.

Some of her songs have reached legendary status, and these are the ones that any music lover should listen to. 

Make You Feel My Love

Adele knows what she's capable of. This British songstress is in total control of her vocals and she knows when to use them and when to tone it down. "Make You Feel My Love" is when she does the latter. A true artist knows that not every song has to have those big showstopping high notes. At times, it's the emotion that's more important. Here, Adele sings her heart out and actually makes any listener feel that he/she is loved by the singer. 


Rolling In The Deep

When the singer is so finely in-tune with her background melodies, it makes for a rather orgasmic track. Yes, that's the only term I see fit when describing Adele's masterpiece, "Rolling In The Deep". Even against strong and fast beats, she never loses control over the song. She always manages to catch up with the music and even overpowers it from time to time. There's a subtle confidence to her vocals here that'll always induce goosebumps no matter how often you listen to the song. 


Someone Like You

Oftentimes, in songs, timing is everything. Similarly to "Make You Feel My Love," Adele takes her precious time singing in "Someone Like You." But unlike the former, she also belts out her high notes in some parts of this track. And why not? The song speaks of a former love, of course, she'll get emotional. But her timing is as impeccable as ever, letting the music and lyrics speak for themselves as she pours out her unbelievable talent to the pleasure of all our ears! 


Set Fire To The Rain

This is probably her most powerful song to date. It has raw emotion, meaningful lyrics, strong melodies, and possibly the highest notes in an Adele song. And for an artist of her caliber, that's saying something. As usual, she takes her precious time as always, allowing certain moments to build up before she lets her heart out in the climax of the track. And when she eventually does, you'll find yourself singing along with her. Remember not to listen to it when you're commuting! 



"Hello" is one of Adele's finest songs because everything is just right. The melodies are slow enough. The beats get fast enough. The lyrics pack in just the right amount of emotion. And the high notes are high enough. She released this song in a moment in her career when she's already proven herself to be the powerful songstress that she is. So it was really admirable for her to debut her latest album (to date) with a song that still showcases her talents but obviously doesn't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. 

Adele clearly has more songs that belong to this list. Which singles of hers do you like best? 

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