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The Time I Saw A Couple of Smurfs

Don't you just love the Smurfs? I do! Their show was my favorite growing up! I don't know why, but I found those little blue creatures simply adorable. And the villain? He was a fascinating character too. So I was so glad that they appeared on the big screen. And I was at the Hollywood premiere! 

I already loved "The Smurfs 2" going in, but even more so with the voice cast. The legendary Hank Azaria, singer Katy Perry, "Glee" alum Jayma Mays, and TV star Neil Patrick Harris were all there. What a power cast! Though, weirdly enough, most of them were TV stars too. Not that it would ahve made any difference, but perhaps it wouldn't hurt if they made it into a TV show again? With the same voice cast? Well, a girl can dream, can't she? 

Anyways, I and my best friends were in fangirl heaven seeing the cast go on the red carpet. Admittedly, we screamed the loudest when Katy Perry and Neil Patrick Harris came on. I mean, it's Katy Perry... duh! Of course she'll get a lot of screams. As with Neil Patrick Harris, we just couldn't' get over that Barney Stinson was right in front of us! We'll never get over "How I Met Your Mother," and perhaps, neither will he! 

We also shouted for Jayma Mays, especially my friend Tessa who was a major Glee fan. I swear, I think she even cried (or possible also peed) a little when she met her. It was so cute! Well, cute and kinda disturbing at the same time. Kidding! She was only cute! 

All in all, we loved autograph-hounding for the first time during the premiere of "The Smurfs 2." We still love the movie, even if we didn't meet the celebs right before watching it. Heck, I even got a DVD of it, lol! 


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