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The Best Items to Get Signed By a Celebrity

When you finally get to meet your favorite celebrity, what would you have them sign? A memento, perhaps? Or your family heirloom? What about the napkin you took home from the place you ate at last weekend? The truth is that there's no end to what you can get signed. But that doesn't mean just anything will do. When you get the chance to ask for a star's autograph, don't just hand them a random thing to sign. Instead, bring along any of these items. 

Autograph Book

Yes, there is such a thing as an autograph book. It's not something you see in cartoons depicting autograph hounds. You can actually buy an autograph book where you can get famous people to sign in. I dare say that it's the most appropriate item for the job since it's practically made for it. And it's great for autograph collecting. If you plan to be an autograph hound, buying this item will be your first step. The second step will be filling it up with as many signatures as you can. Who knows? Depending on who has signed it, your autograph book might just end up becoming more valuable than anything else you've ever owned. 


Can't find a good autograph book? Then a plain old notebook will do. It's easy to carry and you can still collect autographs with it. This item may not be as precious as the first one, though, but it's not that big of a deal. As long as you regard it as your own autograph book, it can still be exactly that. Not to mention the fact that it's light and easy to carry. Compared to other items, both on this list and many others that celebrities have signed, a notebook is ideal. 


For a less-ideal but still great option, why not bring a poster? You've seen many fans do it, right? This means that not only is it possible, but it's also common. If you're a fan of a certain movie, for instance, a poster will allow you to get the entire cast's autographs onto one item. And if your doubly lucky and you got a celebrity to sign multiple posters, you can sell the others for a good price! Let me tell you as a veteran autograph hound: signed posters are in-demand! 


If you're favorite celebrity is a singer, then you'll want them to sign a CD of theirs! It can be their latest album or your personal favorite from their discography. Either way, when an artist signs their own CD, there will be nothing like it anywhere else! Sure, it's possible that their record companies might sell signed copies of the album at higher prices or give them out as a promotional ploy. But if you got the artist to sign the CD yourself, that sense of accomplishment is irreplaceable! You'll feel like you've got gold in your hands. And for many of your fellow fans will agree! 


Now, what if your favorite celebrity is an athlete? An NBA superstar, perhaps? Or an MLB player at the top of their game? What would be the best item for them to sign? A ball, of course! A basketball for basketball players, a baseball for baseball players, and so on and so forth. For any sports fan into collecting signed memorabilia, a signed ball would be the pinnacle of it all. Signed jerseys, posters and headshots are more common when it comes to superstar athletes. So a signed ball would feel more like a newly-disocvered buried treasure! 

Their Photo

And finally, the celebrity's headshot would also make for a great item to get signed. That's usually what they would put their autograph on when they used to hold regular signings back in the day. If you're lucky enough to attend one, you wouldn't even need to bring anything anymore. Just line up and they'll hand you a signed headshot for you. These days, however, since those types of standard autograph signings have become less common, your best bet is to print out their photo and ask them to sign it when you get the opportunity. 

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