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The Best Actors Who Starred in Batman Movies

Half the reason why Batman films are still some of the best superhero movies of all time are the actors. Before the MCU and the DCEU even became a thing, Batman reigned supreme in the box office. Even when some of the films were criticized as bad, people still watched them. Why? Apart from the fact that Batman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time, the franchise also drew in a lot of star power. Here were some of the noteworthy ones. 

Heath Ledger

To this day, Heath Ledger remains the only actor who won an Oscar for a role in a superhero movie. And those who say that he only won it because it was a posthumous victory need to f**king shut up right now and watch "The Dark Knight". Sure, his portrayal wasn't the cookie-cutter comedic acting we're now all used to, but it was an exquisite performance that deserved the highest accolade in the industry. There will never be a Joker quite like him again! 

Michelle Pfeiffer

Though I give props to Halle Berry, Michelle Pfieffer will always be my Catwoman. Her take on the famous character was iconic—sensual and seductive but also smart and sinister. She provided the right balance of twisted and sexy without being too weird or too slutty. And despite that scintillating performance, it was also still family-friendly! Admit it, seeing Pfeiffer in that skin-tight shiny leather catsuit, her icy blue eyes popping out, still gives you the chills, whether you're a man or a woman! 

Jim Carrey

With his twitchy antics and comical appeal, Jim Carrey was the perfect actor to play Riddler in "Batman Forever". Now this was the role that needed a comedic undertone, and Carrey did it so well, he was practically the best part of the movie. In many ways, Riddler is just a misunderstood character that might not be so evil after all. Carrey managed to bring that out in his performance, making him funny enough to be likable but annoying enough to still be hated as a villain! 

Uma Thurman

In the same film, Uma Thurman was also a stand-out as Poison Ivy. Even with that awful wig on her head (Thurman is famously a blonde), she managed to make a convincing red-headed seductress whose kiss literally killed hundreds of men. Though campy, her portrayal was top-notch in creating the right balance of likability and hatefulness. Similar to Pfeiffer, she also brought on the sex appeal without being too inappropriate about it. Just right for comic nerds to have someone to think about when they're all alone in their rooms. 

Ben Affleck

Finally, I can't finish this without mentioning the superhero himself. And out of all the A-listers that donned that famous mask, Ben Affleck deserves to be recognized. Was he the best at it? No, Christian Bale would protest to that! But he does deserve some praise for pulling it off! His surprisingly convincing portrayal as the 'Dark Knight' was refreshing to watch in "Batman vs. Superman". And for a guy known to play douchey characters, he was alright as a mysterious and broken superhero! 


Whenever you watch any of these Batman films again, look out for these actors! You’ll be surprised just how well they fit the beloved comic book characters they were cast as! 

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