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That Frightening Look from The GOAT!

Yo! If y'all ever go up to Eminem, y'all got some balls bro! That dude is scary af! He da best doe, ain't gonna lie. there ain't nobody like him. No one before him and no one since. He spits out those rhymes like nobody's business. And hip hop is his business. He's the GOAT! 

But seriously doe, he is one scary mofo! I think it's his piercing blue eyes. I don't get why chicks dig that about him. Like, when he stares at 'em, they all squeal and squeak like a bunch of mice. It's ridiculous, but also, hella funny! But honestly, that stare is frightening dude! Like for real! When I saw that stare in real life, I almost shit my pants. Not gonna lie! And when I see him stare at girls, it's as if he's about to pounce on them or somethin'. It's the kind of stare these woke-ass feminists often complain about. But I guess, since he's rich and famous, he don't got that problem! 

And yes, I have seen that stare in real life. It was during his concert in my town. Me and a couple of homies went cuz, of course, it's the GOAT! And the concert was lit y'all! Man, he raps like no other. He's fast, yeah, but you still feel the emotion in his lyrics. You know he worked hard making 'em tracks and he be doin' justice on stage. Only GOATs such as him can do that! All the others are just fakes. 

Anyways, after the concert, a small crowd, including me and my homes, caught him exiting backstage with his crew. Not caring that his bodyguards will likely cream us, we ran to him like moths to a flame. Fangirls were screaming loud af too! I swear I went deaf for about a minute with this chick just squealin' in my ear. 

To his credit, he did stop and met with us. But damn! The look he gave me was so damn scary. It was as if I was Nick Cannon or sumtin', you know? Like I was one of his rivals or some shit. I wasn't boo! I was just a fan. And perhaps, yeah, I think he was just shocked that a number of fans ran to him and I ended up being the one he looked at. Still, with the expression he had on his face, it was as if he was ready to beat me up. not gonna lie, I woulda let him! 

Ignoring it, I asked for his autograph. And this is where I knew he wasn't mad at me. He signed my posters as well as my buddies. In fact, he signed practically everything handed to him. It was really nice of him. But then again, he's the GOAT. Of course, he's a nice guy. A badass, sure! But still a nice guy, I think. 

If you ever get to meet Eminem, see if he'll stare at you the way he did me. I swear, it's an experience getting looked at by one of the greatest rappers who ever lived! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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