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Spotting Slim Shady On The Red Carpet

You know, of all the celebrities I've asked autographs from on the red carpet, Eminem still fascinates me to this day. It's not because he's the best-dressed. It's not because he was the handsome guy there. But he does have this air about him that was almost unexplainable and mysterious. 

It was at an MTV awards show where I first met him. I had forgotten what he wore then, but I remember him just smoldering for the cameras. But it didn't seem fake. Unlike other celebrities that I've met in similar events. There seemed to have been something deeper behind that look. And we all know, Eminem has always been somewhat of a closed book. Sure, he once had a movie made about his life. But even then, you still can't feel like you've gotten to know the real Slim Shady. Maybe because his hip-hop personality is that much more alluring. 

I was there to get his autograph. I wasn't that much a big fan then, but I promised my brother, who was serving overseas at the time, to get his autograph. And since I was able to get some posters of him in a great bargain, I figured I'd get him to sign multiple copies of the poster and sell some online. But when he finally walked on the red carpet. I shriveled up like a prune. He was so intimidating and sexy that I couldn't even get the guts to shout for him. 

Fortunately, the other girls beside me did it for me. He went on to sign their CDs, pictures, and notebooks. And when he got to me, I asked him to sign my posters. I also told him that some of them would be for my brother who was in the military but I don't think he heard me. Either that or he didn't give a shit. Anyways, seeing him up close, he sure was damn attractive. Now I get why girls were falling for him. He was the quintessential mysterious bad boy. And when he was in front of me, I admit, I fell hard too. 

What I'll always remember is when he finally finished signing my posters, he looked up to me, as if to say he was done and I shouldn't deserve him anymore, and he looked at me. I swear his stare felt as if it pierced through my soul. It was incredible in the sexiest and most romantic of ways. I held my breath for a bit as he went on his way on the red carpet. No other celebrity got me feeling like that before! 

Anyways, I know it was nothing, but I'll just never forget it. I sure do hope I get to meet him face-to-face again. And I hope he will recognize me. Probably not, but a girl can dream, can't she? 


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