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Remember My College Years Autograph-Hounding the "Harry Potter" Cast

Ultimately, my college years were defined by my love for cinema. I was a film major, so everything I needed to know about my beloved industry, I learned in college. Also, these were the years I really got into autograph-hounding. Because, while I learned about cinema, I also enjoyed its commercial aspect too! 

I remember the most fun I had was me and my buddies going to the red carpet premieres of Harry Potter films. It was a time when the MCU hadn't taken over the movies yet, and so the biggest franchise then was Harry Potter. We started with “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” and never stopped since! Going to these premieres was always so lit! Kids screaming. Adults screaming, Heck, even we were screaming our lungs out too! 

Though now I'm more serious at it, I did treat it like a game during that time. Well, I was young and foolish, what are you gonna do? Anyways, we were also huge Harry Potter fans, so naturally, we were extremely excited as well! We'd get all the copies of the movie poster from our connections in various movie theaters in the tri-state area and ask the cast to sign them. 

And here's how you know they're actually good people: they signed each and every one of them! Every time they saw us, each person would have multiple copies of the same person, and they all signed each one. 

In all my college years chasing after them—Daniel Radcliffe, Rubert Grint, Emma Watson, etc.—they always signed our posters and gave us a few moments of their time. Now that's what you call class acts! 



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