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My Night with a Gaggle of Legends

I'm sure you don't normally read the word 'gaggle' describe a group of legends but that's what the cast of "The Godfather II seemed like to me when I met them. Now that you know who exactly those legends I was talking about, you'd probably think it strange that I still used the word the I did. Allow me to give you some context. 

I was privileged enough to have attended the 45th celebration of the original "Godfather" movie. Everyone was there, or at least, everyone who was still alive was there. Fortunately, a lot of the main cast are still alive, from I and II no less! And so we watched the film again and it's still as good as ever. No, it was still as great as ever! Francis Ford-Coppola made quite a masterpiece, and to be sitting in the same room as him that night blew me away! 

Anyways, as with these tributary events, the screening was followed by a forum/ a question-and-answer of sorts. The legendary cast sat on their seats and answered all the questions they can answer. 

Now, the reason why I call them a 'gaggle' was because you can barely understand a word they said. Pacino's voice deepened so much that it seemed like he was just mumbling. Jimmy Khan laughed a lot; more than he actually spoke. And De Niro barely said anything. Ford Coppola was the only one we all understood, and thank God he was the eloquent one in the group! 

Still, this "gaggle" of legends signed my posters of "The Godfather" and "The Godfather II" when I approached them. It's great that achieving icon status never went to their heads. They were humble and polite to fans, which is mostly enough for us autograph hounds. 

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