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My Dog Day Afternoon with Florence Welsh

New York will always be special to me. Well, I'm sure it's special to a whole lot of people, not just New Yorkers. But it's special to me and I'm not even from New York. I did, however, go to the Big Apple once and my life changed forever. Because there, during a music festival I met Florence Welch.

Now, if you've been living under a rock this past decade, Florence Welch is the goddess-like lead singer of her band, Florence and the Machine. She is ethereal, heavenly, talented, and so much more. I've been a huge fan of her since they debuted and I never regretted it. Weirdly enough, she and her band always manage to stay in the limelight for the best reasons. I don't think she's ever had a scandal of her own, which makes me love her even more. 

My wildest fantasies were realized when I finally met her at a festival in New York. It was a sunny afternoon and the place was mildly packed. It wasn't so many people that you'd bump into them, but just enough to form a crowd. Anyways, she was part of the lineup for this festival and I went there just for her. At my luck, on the day she was going on, I met her strolling about with a few security guards. 

She was saying her hi's and hello's to the people like the saint that she is. She even looked glorious that day as well. With posters of her "High As Hope" album in my bag, I went to her and tried to ask for her autograph. At first, the security guards blocked me and told me to back off. But after I explained I just wanted her to sign something, she herself went to me. After exchanging pleasantries, she signed my posters and went on her merry way. It was majestic! 

Then, later that same day (technically night), she performed on stage and the crowd went wild. I, myself, was a bit high. I couldn't believe that Florence Welch herself came to me, actually fend off her bodyguards to approach me and sign my posters. And I was thinking this as I watched her just effervescently perform on that stage. It was the most incredible feeling. I was giddy all night long and, even though I got into some minor problems, my mood never died down. 

I do hope I meet her again. I feel like, in the moments I met her, that she's probably a cool person. Her friends and family are so lucky! That is all! 


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