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Most Emotional Animated Films You Should Watch Again

Anyone who tells you that animated kids deserve a slap on the face! Well, okay, maybe not! However, it is frustrating to hear people just brush of animation just like that. It's practically one of the more artistic endeavors in the film industry. But also, the stories in these films can be as gut-wrenching as any other live-action movie. Their stories touch on deep issues and topics but approach them in such a way that even kids will understand. Case in point, five animated classics worth watching again. 


Admit it, when Miguel sang Hector's song to Mama Coco, you bawled like a frickin' baby! No need to feel guilty or ashamed. Only a person with a rock as a heart wouldn't cry at that scene. Heck, even The Rock himself probably cried at that scene! But beyond this tear-jerker of a moment, the whole film of "Coco" was a celebration of family and tradition. A look into why family is important, but also a chance to question why we have our own traditions to keep. And in fact, not a lot live-action films have as deep a message as this one! 


Speaking of family, "Coraline" is an underrated LAIKA Studios' film that shows why you should be grateful for your own. No matter how many times they annoy you, they're still your family. This 3D stop-motion animated dark fantasy horror film notes that maybe the perfect family you're looking for isn't so perfect after all. And maybe, it's better to just keep who you already have, unless you're up for an adventure where you have to escape a crazy mom who wants to replace your eyes with buttons! Now that's the stuff of nightmares! Still, this is a great flick to watch, especially during Halloween! 

Inside Out

When talking about emotional films, I can't not mention "Inside Out!" The movie is practically all about emotions, and it's a clever and cute portrayal of what goes on in people's psyche. Imagine, all the complexities of your mentality are actually just adorable little colorful beings who control your brain and heart like a machine. Oh if things were just that simple. Well, maybe they are? Maybe what this film teaches us is that we don't always have control over our own emotions. And that's okay because things will always get better! Deep right? And that's from an animated film, so suck on that haters! 

Spirited Away

When it comes to emotional films, you can trust Studio Ghibli to bring on the waterworks! There's just something about their way of storytelling that pulls on your heartstrings. A great example is "Spirited Away," a story of a young girl in search of her parents when they get lost in a strange city. The things she goes through in this film aren't like any you'd ever see anywhere else, bit it live-action or animation. But she acts like a trooper and saves her parents in time! This film also touches on poignant childhood memories, the importance of family, and the significance of your own identity! 

Toy Story 3

While the first two films of this amazing Disney franchise were standard Disney-cutesy films, "Toy Story 3" had a surprisingly emotional weight to it. Here was Andy, the lovable little boy who played with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and all our favorite toy characters. But now, he's off to college and doesn't need them anymore. The pain of having to accept that one person important in your life no longer needs your stings, but it was masterfully captured in this heartwrenching and eventually heartwarming movie. When Andy said goodbye to his toys, all of us felt that! 

If you’re up for an emotional roller coaster, try watching any of these top-notch animated flicks. You might surprise yourself but how much you’ll cry in the end!


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