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Meeting The Voices Behind My Childhood

Whoever says that animated films are just for kids and that they don't hold deep emotions is full of crap! Even until now that I'm older, the cartoon movies that resonated with me still have the same impact. These are, after all, works of art. I even think they take more time and hard work to make than normal live-action films. 

One of my favorite animated movie franchises of all time is the "How To Train Your Dragon" series. As someone who grew up struggling to please his parents, I really connected with Hiccup in the movies. And yeah, some moments made me cry like a baby too! 

So when the latest installment, "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" premiered, I just had to get in on the action. With multiple posters on-hand, I went to the red carpet event hoping to get the cast's autographs. They were, after all, the voices that helped me get through childhood and adolescence. 

It's safe to say that the day, for me, was still lucky. Though unfortunately, I wasn't able to get all of the stars' signatures, particularly the big names: Kit Harrington and Cate Blanchett. But getting Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera's autographs were enough for me! They're freakin' Hiccup and Astrid, for God's sake! With all due respect to the actors, these stars mattered the most to me! 

And they were completely nice as well. Ferrera was charming and polite while Baruchel was just plain awesome. The fact that they signed all of my posters without a moment's thought really got me. I'm so happy the voices behind my heroes are just as great a people as their characters! 

If you’re a fan of animated films yet you’re of a certain age, don’t feel ashamed. There’s a lot of us out there! 


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