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Meeting 'The Boss' Himself!

I've met a few great men in my life. I've even met presidents. As an autograph hound, I've seen so many stars, you could say I've been to the galaxy and back! This was the life I chose. The hobby that I fell in love with allowed me to meet all sorts of extraordinary people. 

One who will always stand out to me, however, is Bruce Springsteen. Yes, I've met 'The Boss' himself! And there's no one like him. There's no one who will ever be like him. And by those facts alone, it still gives me chills that I was able to meet him and get his autographs. 

He once held a meet-and-greet and Hollywood. Since I lived just a thirty-minute drive (on a good day) from Los Angeles, I decided to go to the event. When I got there, the place was packed. People had actually camped outside the venue in order to be the first ones to see The Boss in person. Now, this actually got me worried. With so many people waiting, I was afraid I'd lose time. I might never be able to see him. And that would have been a shame too cause I brought along a couple of copies of his poster.

However, fate was generous with me! unlike other stars who are always late in their own events, Bruce Springsteen was on time for his. He performed some of his hits, did an interview, and even answered some of the audience's questions. I still regret not having asked any when I had the chance. 

Anyways, when it was time to meet The Boss, all the people—myself included—got in line. It was so long, I think it extended to most of Hollywood boulevard. Still, even with so many people, Springsteen stayed to meet each and every one of us, I got my autographs and my sister got a picture with the music legend. Despite all the stress at first, that was a good day!

For your sakes, I hope the celebrities you hound for autographs are as considerate and as generous as Bruce Springsteen. It's these kinds of stars that make autograph-hounding all worth it! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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