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Meeting Some Hollywood Gems at The TIFF

One of the events that I miss going to was the Toronto International Film Festival, I personally prefer it over the more popular Cannes, Venice, and New York ones. In my opinion, the films that premiere there are a lot more fascinating than in the other festivals—cinematic hidden gems that deserve more recognition! One of the more recent ones was, ironically, entitled "Uncut Gems." 


Some of you may have heard of it as the film that put Adam Sandler back on the map (though he was infamously snubbed at the Oscars in 2020). I was lucky enough to have attended the festival myself and saw the comedy legend in person.  I was there as a fan, equipped with my copies of the movie poster, I was on a mission to get his autograph. I waited for hours until it was his time to walk the red carpet. Against a sea of screaming fans and flashing paparazzi, I almost thought I would never get the chance. Little did I know, I actually caught his attention too. 


A true Hollywood gem, he was every bit the good guy he is on-screen (except in this film, of course!). He was pleasant, accommodating, and didn't look tired at all. He did sport a creepy mustache then but, apart from that, he never looked better! I didn't even need to ask him to sign my posters. The moment he caught a glimpse of what I was holding, he instantly asked me if I wanted his autograph. In shock, all I could do was nod and gave him the posters. One by one, he signed them! What a guy! 


One of his co-stars, the beautiful Julia Fox, also gave me her autograph. She looked so beautiful and sexy; she's the next ScarJo for sure! After her, I attempted to ask Idina Menzel (got the spelling right! Eat that John Travolta!) for her autograph but she was so quick on the red carpet, I missed her entirely. It was a shame too! I kinda wanted to brag to my daughter that I got to meet "Princess Elsa" herself. Oh well! 


I am happy, though, that I was able to get the autographs of the geniuses behind the film, the Safdie brothers. Eager and excited, it was obvious to me that I was one of the first fans to ever ask for their autographs. They were so gracious and sounded so grateful, it melted my heart! I really do wish them the best of luck! I'm sure they'll be Hollywood's next big brother-tandem! And I hope they make more films as riveting as this one! 


Reminiscing back to that time almost two years ago, I really miss going to red carpet events. Well, they were noisy,  crowded, and getting the celebrities' attention was a pain. Perhaps it's having been trapped inside my own home with my noisy kids that's making me miss that kind of craziness instead! 


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