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Meeting Some "American Honeys"

Say what you want about Shia Lebouf, he's an awesome actor! He's talented and knows what he's doing! Enough said! Don't just rely on his Disney Channel days and the "Transformers" movies! Those don't do him justice! If there's one movie of him you really should see, it's "American Honey." 


"American Honey" was a 2016 film that starred Shia Lebouf, Sasha Lane, and Riley Keough, among many others. It was even screened at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the competition to win the coveted Palme d'Or. Though it didn't win the coveted award, it did win the Jury Prize. That alone should tell you how amazing this movie is! 


I'll never forget this film because I actually got to meet the main cast that year too! I first met Shia Lebouf, the film's main star, whilst going about in Los Angeles. I had just moved here and by chance, I discovered him in a cafe. There weren't many people around so there wasn't that big of a fuss around him. However, people were still aware that he was there and some were asking for his autograph. Lebouf might have been in a good mood at the time because he was signing things left and right. Luckily, I had my copies of the "American Honey" movie poster in my car. I tried my luck and asked him to sign them and he did it! 


For the other two, Sasha Lane and Riley Keough, I got their autographs on the red carpet. It was during the TIFF and the movie was going to show during the festival. Shia Lebouf wasn't there so it was a good thing I got his autograph beforehand. When the two stars walked on the red carpet, I was captivated. They looked so beautiful, especially Lane who was a new face in the movies at the time. Pretty, fresh, and youthful, I felt so honored having gotten their autographs. I feel like their big break is just around the corner! 


I think it also helped that Leboug signed most of my posters first that they, too, signed almost all of them. I knew I had too many posters with me and it'd take them some time to sign all of them. And since it was a busy night and everyone wanted their attention, I thought they'd only sign one and be done with it. But no! When they saw that Shia Lebouf signed a lot of my posters, they also gave their autographs on most of them. Sasha Lane won as having signed the most while Keough and Lebouf were tied. 


Anyone who's reading this blog and hasn't watched "American Honey" yet, stop right now and do it! Buy a DVD, stream it online, I don't care! You're missing out on a great film! One with awesome actors too! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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