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Meeting A Hollywood Golden Boy

Every so often, Hollywood gets a golden boy that's out of this world. He's young, handsome, and the world is his oyster. Guys want to be him while girls what to date them—sounds like the good life, doesn't it? Well, that's what Zac Efron told me when I was lucky enough to interview him on the set of his new movie, "Gold."

At one point in time, Zac Efron was Hollywood's golden boy. He was one of the most popular stars out there, was pretty in demand, and girls couldn't help but gush and scream about how hot he was. People saw him as the ideal leading man. But in recent years, even he admitted that his popularity has waned a bit. He's still famous and in demand, but not in the same league as before. That's why, when I interviewed him, there was a bittersweet tinge in the air. 

Nevertheless, he told me how great he was for his career and of all his fans. He also shared that being Hollywood's golden boy was never the be-all and end-all of his acting. In fact, he admitted that growing out of his matinee idol phase gave him better roles. This new one, a lone traveler named Virgil in "Gold," is a good example. When I look at him on set, I could tell that he enjoyed playing this role and starring in more serious movies like this. 

But you know what? Am I opinion, Zac Efron is still Hollywood's golden boy. At the very least, he still had all the qualities of one. Setting the popularity issue aside, he hasn't lost his good looks, his great attitude, and his acting chops. Perhaps it's because he's become his own man that fans no longer feel that they have to put him on a pedestal to make everyone know how amazing he is. That's what I think! 

Let me share with you one great thing he did while I was visiting the film set. As a sort of thank you, the actor handed me a few copies of the movie poster that he signed. He also got his fellow castmates, Anthony Hayes, and Susie Porter, to sign them too. Though I'm not sure if the idea of giving me this "gift" was actually his idea, I was still pretty grateful. He didn't have to do anything he did but he still did! What a guy! 

I hope "Gold" and his future projects remind fans just how awesome Zac Efron is. To me, he's still that Hollywood golden boy that keeps on shining! 

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