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How Wonder Woman Changed The Game for Superhero Movies

There's always that one movie that changes the course of movie history. That one film that's so fu**ing awesome, just about everybody else tries to copy it, And so, various eras throughout cinema history were defined by similar characteristics because of one amazing movie that paves the way for it all. In these modern times, one such film is Wonder Woman and here's why. 

Opened the Door for Female Superheroes

Before the 2017 film, male superheroes reigned supreme at the box office. Yep, the cinema had a lot of testosterone going around, and with plenty to spare. Granted they were dynamic and amazing characters themselves, many audiences, particularly those of the female variety, wanted something else. They wanted to see their own sex fight off the villains, display unbelievable strength, and save the day. Fortunately for them, DC's Extended Universe heard their pleas and gave Wonder Woman her own film. Arguably the most famous female superhero in comic book history, this character beat the living sh** out of, not just the villains, but other movies at the time as well! 


Women at The Helm

Do you know what's worse than not having a female superhero leads onscreen? Not having female directors working in Hollywood. As much as they hate to admit it, the movie industry f**ked up female filmmakers and barely gave them any work in the past. But with a story as female-centric as Wonder Woman's only a female director can do the job right. And so, Patty Jenkins took the director’s seat for this "little project" and helped Warner Bros. Pictures earn a whopping $821 million worldwide that year. Not bad for a director with a vagina! Thanks to her, other female directors are leading superhero films nowadays, both in DCEU and the MCU!  

Reversal of Gender Roles

The classic superhero movie trope was that the male hero was going to save the damsel in distress and things will be happy in the end. Fortunately for us, screenwriting has gotten better for superhero movies these days. But the reversal of gender roles was very significant in this Wonder Woman film. It was a huge contrast to Black Widow in "The Avengers" who followed the leads of the likes of Captain America or Iron Man (or even Nick Fury). Here, Diana took the lead and Steve Trevor followed her every step of the way. And what's great about it was that the dynamic was still as entertaining as ever!  

Focus on Strength

Admit it, whether you're a girl or a boy (or gay, lesbian, transgender, etc), there were other things you focused on when watching the male-driven superhero films. You laughed at Iron Man's cockiness, admired Captain America's leadership, swooned over Superman's gorgeous face, and was wowed by Batman's gadgets. But with Wonder Woman, I, as well as you too, I bet, couldn't help but wonder at her strength. It's possibly because it was rare to see that strong a woman (or women, those Amazonian bi**es can fight!!) display such power on screen. Yes, Gal Gadot looked hot in her Wonder Woman costume, but more than that, she looked strong and bada**! 

“Wonder Woman” is significant in more ways than one. It helped other female superheroes get their own movies, which are now just as successful in their own rights! Talk about a bada** bi**h! 

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