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How My Dad Met The Blues Brothers

Don't you just love it when people you think you know by heart suddenly come out and surprise you? That’s what my old man did when he shared with me a fascinating story about how he met a few of Hollywood's biggest legends! 


I've always thought I was the black sheep of the family because of my obsessive love of movies. My family's more into music. My mom used to work as a piano teacher, my little sister plays the flute, my older brother plays in a band on the side, and my dad has his own collection of vintage vinyl. As for me, it's not that I don't like music, but I prefer to watch movies than listen to or play anything. So when I made this obsession more of a life's passion by becoming an autograph hound, I thought that was the final nail on the coffin of what I'd have in common with my family. 


Suddenly, however, when going through the attic, I stumbled across a stack of posters I found extremely fascinating. It was of the movie, "The Blues Brothers" which starred John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Carrie Fisher. Music legends James Brown and Aretha Franklin also had cameos in the movie. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at them. These posters were the type that was so rare, I'd have to go from one antique show to the next just to get two copies (if I was lucky!). But now, there were so many in my attic all this time? I was completely flabbergasted. 


Upon closer inspection, I got the best shock of my life. There were autographs of the cast on them! Not only that, even the legendary James Brown and Aretha Franklin signed them too! I picked them up and rushed downstairs to ask what in the world was going on. It was only then when my dad came clean and told me that he, too, was an obsessed movie geek back in the day. Around the time the movie premiered (the early 80s), he was an adamant autograph hound just like myself. And it took him about a year, going around Hollywood, tracking down the stars of the film to get their autographs.


Obviously, he got to all of them. I asked him why he hid it and he said that he thought I'd feel down about it since he figured I felt proud at being the only unique one in my family. But when I expressed just how happy I am about discovering this side of my old man, it was like our father-and-son bond got even stronger! Most especially since he gave me the posters to keep! 


Out of everything that could have surprised me about my old man, this was the best! I even got a few autographed posters—signed by movie and music legends, no less!—out of it! How lucky am I!? 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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