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Going to Travis Scott's Astroworld was Outta Sight!

You gotta give it to Travis Scott, he sure knows how to throw a festival! For a relative newcomer in the music industry, I was so surprised he was able to come up with a music festival that featured some of the best artists around. And let's not forget, he's pretty good himself as well! 

I went this year and let me tell you, it was lit! Apart from Scott himself, the likes of Post Malone, Young Thug, and Rosalia really brought the house down. You know some say that today's music isn't that good. Well, they'll need to attend Atroworld know that they've been talking BS! This generation's got some of the best artists I've seen in a long time. And they're devotion to their music is almost second to none. 

However, I was there on a specific mission. Having bought a couple of "Astroworld" posters from my boi Mac, I needed to get Travis Scott's autographs on them. Yours truly needs to earn a couple of bucks, what can you do? It's all about the hustle! Anyways, after enjoying myself with all the performances at this year's festival, I tracked down the rapper himself to get him to sign my posters. And let me tell you, it ain't easy! 

For one of the most famous rappers today, this brotha sure was hard to find. I eventually saw him though, at a meet-and-greet-like space, Jackpot! I went in line, waited for about a half an hour or so, and finally met the big man himself. He looked and acted so cool, I almost froze to death. No wonder Kylie Jenner got him to ber he baby daddy. The dude was hot and cold all at the same time. And the best part is he signed all my posters. 

To this day, no other festival experience comes close to that of Astroworld. It's definitely a new thing hip hop fans such as myself should get into! 

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