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Getting Introduced to Marvel's Bada** Top Woman!

By Jay Hick

To say this was historic would be an understatement. While I'm Thor's biggest fanboy, there's no denying that "Captain Marvel" was a monumental moment in the MCU (and in cinematic history in general). As a male feminist—the genuine kind, not the kind who just wants sex—I felt that. So let me share the story of how I met Marvel's new top woman herself! 

I usually attend the New York premieres since I live there, but on this occasion, I went all the way to LA to see the stars themselves. So members of my team (yes, I have a team!) already live there, so I rounded them up and we went early to the movie's Hollywood premiere. And it's lucky we did too cause there was already a long line hours before the celebs came walking out. We were still able to stay in the front row, but it took us a long time to get to where we were! 

It was all worth it, however, when we were finally faced with the movie's stars. One by one, the film's female powerhouses—Brie Larson, Lyshanna Lynch, and Gemma Chan—dazzled all of us on the red carpet. It even came to a point that I almost missed my chance with Lynch, as I was just awe-struck by how gorgeous she looked. Luckily, I regained my composure long enough to ask her to sign my copies of the movie's poster. Each of us had two different versions, one with only Larson on it and the other with the rest of the cast. And let me tell you: I almost fell head over heels in love with the British actress. Never have I met such a graceful celebrity in all my life! 

That is, until I met Captain Marvel herself!! Though she's equally gracious, I was surprised by how humble she seemed, even though she's the star of the film. I even asked her how it felt to be a Marvel superhero, and amidst all the cheers and screams from her legions of fans (us included!), I heard a faint "It's awesome!" reply. And may I say, she looked jacked too! Her red carpet dress showed off what she's worked hard for and damn, did it show! 

I'm also happy to report that the remaining members of the cast were just as delightful. Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Lee Pace, Ben Mendelsohn, and more! It was definitely a memorable day for me and my team! 


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