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Beautiful People Really Are Demons! 

There are those works of fiction that will really jolt you and make you realize just how bad a certain something is. Growing up, many people around me were obsessed with models, from the famous supermodels to the Victoria's Secret angels. They loved them, coveted them, and basically worshipped them. But perhaps, had "The Neon Demon" premiered back then, they might see them differently! 


Starring the beautiful Elle Fanning as an up-and-coming model, she faces countless bitchy rivals, sketchy guys, and more on her rise to fame. The movie really riveted me so much that I began to see models in a different light. One that made them seem human but also not, if that makes sense. With how awful Jesse's (Fanning) competitors were with her, but being otherworldly beautiful at the same time, they were like demons! That's probably why the title is so perfect with the movie! And the film itself has that tinge of thriller too so making them demons wouldn't have been that much of a stretch. 


They say that the devil would appear as a "beautiful angel" ready to deceive you, right? Well, if that were true, I did meet a lot of them at the red carpet premiere of the movie. I went to the event with a friend who scored tickets through an ex-boyfriend. To make sure I wouldn't get bored just watching celebrities walk and pose on the red carpet, I figured it'd be fun to become an autograph hound that night. Through another of my friend's connections, we acquired a few copies of the movie poster and planned to have the stars sign them. 


I'd say we were pretty lucky since most of the cast members were game! Elle Fanning, even though she was the lead star, was surprisingly the most generous with her autographs. We figured she'd just sign one or two of our posters since most of the media attending the premiere were hounding her for an interview. But to our pleasant surprise, she took the time to sign almost all of them! She was really something! And so beautiful too! With her, I take back what I said that models, or beautiful people in general, are demons. There's no way that angel could ever be one! 


We also got to meet the legendary Keanu Reeves and got his autograph too! It was insane! The man is an icon in every sense of the word and famously one of the most reclusive stars in Hollywood. Although we knew he was in the film, we honestly didn't expect he'd come to the premiere! But he did! And knowing that such an occasion was rare, we worked out butts of getting his autograph. Of course, being the nice guy that he is, we didn't really need to exert that much effort. The moment we got his attention, we asked him to sign out posters and, just like Fanning, he signed practically all of them! 


Unfortunately, the LA premiere we went to wasn't really the world premiere. It was sort of like a sneak peak-type event sponsored by Amazon. So not a lot of the cast members attended it. The real one happened a couple of weeks later in New York. My friend flew all the way there and also scored tickets to that event and got the rest of the cast, most especially the actual high fashion models in the movie. Thanks to her hard work, we got most of the main cast's autographs on our posters! 


To meet actual stars and supermodels on the red carpet? It was awesome! They still feel otherworldly to me with how good-looking they are but at least they're nice people. Well, nice enough to give me their autographs! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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