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Back To The Future to Meet Michael J. Fox

When I go to the movies, I always want fantasy and action. For me, dramas a dreary, comedies are cool, but it's the fantastical action films that really get me! After all, when I'm paying a few bucks to sit in one chair for about an hour or two, I expect to be entertained. 

This is probably why I love "Back To The Future" so much. It has the right amount of fantasy, fun, and action that I like. And who doesn't love a bit of a time-traveling? Ever since I first saw Marty McFly go back to the past, I've been wanting to time-travel ever since. Boy, I sure do wish I had my own crazy doctor that could do it with me! But, I'll make do with the one I watch on-screen. Christopher Lloyd is a cooky enough character for me! 

Marty McFly is cool too! In fact, after watching the movie in theaters for the first time, Michael J. Fox became my first favorite actor. He has that right amount of naivete and coolness that really fits his character. I'm actually kinda sad he wasn't given enough credit as an actor. All he's remembered for now is playing Marty McFly, but I'm sure, if he was given enough diverse roles, he could have probably won an Oscar too. 

Anyways, I'll never forget meeting Fox, as well as the other cast members of this cult classic, during an anniversary event they held in Hollywood. I went there with a couple of my friends and I brought along some posters of the movie.  When they screened it again after decades, I remembered seeing it for the first time. The wonderful feelings of awe and amazement it gave me back in the 80s. It made me feel so nostalgic and more determined to get my posters signed. 

Luckily, the event had a meet-and-greet for fans. We all lined up and I finally met my first favorite actor and my favorite wacky doctor. It was surreal seeing Fox so grown up and mature. His career was defined by the singular role of a quirky and seemingly out-of-luck teenager. Now that's he's an actual man and it really dawned on me how much I've grown up myself. But still, seeing him in person made me feel like that same young kid who got his first taste of cinematic magic all those years ago. 

"Back To The Future," as what the title already implies, is a tinge of nostalgia every time I watch it. I hope it gives the same warm feeling to all of you too. Even more so, I hope these posters that I got signed will have the same effect!


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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