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A Memorable Night with Iron Maiden

I'll always be a fan of Iron Maiden! In my opinion, there aren't a lot of real rock bands out there anymore. There are only pop stars, rappers, Kpop groups, and the like. What the hell happened!? Back in my day, rock stars reigned supreme! But now? We'd be lucky if at least one band comes up on the charts! 

That's why I'm still an Iron Maiden fan. When I was a teen, I always listened to their music. And now, whenever they have a tour, you butt your ass I'll be at the front of the line! Heck, I'll even go to other countries just to see them! Back in 2019, when I missed the US leg of their "Legacy of the Beast," I decided to see them when they went to Brazil. I know that may seem pretty out there for all you normies, but for me, I didn't care. The Brazil leg of the tour coincided with my vacation time anyway and what better place to relax than in sunny South America, right? 

Of course, I didn't go there just to relax. I went there to see Iron Maiden and it was the best decision of my life. I went with my wife and a couple of our friends and we had a blast! I felt like a teenager again, bopping my head to their hit classics and holding the girl of my dreams in my arms. And that wasn't even the best part! 

Right after the concert, the band held a meet-and-greet for fans. It was a good thing I bought my posters and other souvenirs before the show. Right after the final encore, I grabbed my wife and ran to the front of the line. Unfortunately, I wasn't the first one there. However, there were only a handful of people in front of us. My wife and I were sweating buckets waiting for the band to appear. And before we knew it, Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, and the rest of these legends came out and had us screaming! 

That moment made the night more fun. I had the members of the band sign all of my posters while my wife got to take a selfie with them. I also snapped a couple of photos with them but they could barely count as selfies. How could they when my arms were so tense, I barely appeared in the pictures!? Hahaha! Of course, I didn't mind. It's better that they appeared in the photos instead of little old me. 

To say that it was an awesome night is an understatement. It was a memorable night with Iron Maiden in Brazil! Not a lot of people can say that it happened to them. It was a dream come true! 



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