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The Hottest "Tarzan" I've Ever Seen

Whoever cast  Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan deserves a massive race. That guy is the perfect actor for the part. And I'm not just talking about looks either (though they're a huge part of it, undeniably!). There's just something about him that's beastly, almost primal in a way, that made the hottest Tarzan ever! 

I saw it myself when I got to meet him face-to-face during the red carpet premiere of "Legend of Tarzan."Even though he was in a suit and tie, he had an animalistic appeal about him, as if his gaze meant that he'd devour you. Me, being the hunk-chaser that I am, was practically a puddle of water when I asked for his autograph. Oh, and the man looks almost superhuman too! He's so tall and so muscular (yes, even under his suit it was evident!) that no one could have ever played Tarzan as perfectly! 

And as if he wasn't enough to overwhelm me, then came the gorgeous Margot Robbie. To be honest, I initially didn't see her as a perfect fit for Jane. I only had the Disney animated film as a reference so I always thought of Jane Porter as this meek, dainty, yet intelligent English Rose. I never would've cast a blonde bombshell like Robbie in this role. But then again, she shut me up when I saw the trailer. And when I met her in person and she signed my movie posters? I felt even more stupid for having doubted her in the first place!

The remaining cast members were just as stellar! I mean Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson, and Djimon Hounsou? These guys are Hollywood royalty. They're practically living legends. I admit I was most excited to see Skarsgard at the premiere, I couldn't help but feel honored to have these screen icons as well. Now, these are the types of A-list stars that you just have to ask autographs from! Even if you're not fans of them personally, they're just so famous and legendary, you'll regret not getting their autographs! It's a good thing I plucked up the courage to ask them to sign my movie posters too! 

All in all, it was an amazing night. I got to meet a beautiful bombshell, Hollywood icons, and the hottest Tarzan to ever appear on screen! I'm so happy I got their autographs too. They'll always remind me of that magical night!

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